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Green Consciousness

Across the country, municipalities are beginning to mandate Green construction. Green initiatives permeate every aspect of business, extending the Living Green lifestyle beyond the boundary of the individual home to the entire community. Responsibly, Advanced Wiring Solutions makes every effort to protect the environment, support the local economy and have a directly positive impact in our community. From using locally purchased materials whenever practical to developing energy efficient electronic equipment that promotes environmentally sustainable business strategies, AWS is fully committed to Green philosophies and implementations.

AWS Goes Green!

By developing effective materials management plans, AWS finds creative and comprehensive solutions to better manage operations and support the services of our Information Technology infrastructures. These initiatives reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize pollution and waste, and create healthy, productive environments, thus sustaining natural capital rather than depleting it. Advanced Wiring Solutions is committed to ensuring our staff has access to the hands-on training, education, and product information necessary to meet the increasing demand for renewable energy solutions, and provide both value added and responsible Green business practices.

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